The safety, wellbeing, and peace of mind of our clients come first. This is why we use the Soberlink Monitoring breathalyzer. With real-time wireless blood alcohol monitoring, the Soberlink breathalyzer keeps clients connected to their recovery support system, allowing for greater freedom with increased accountability.

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What is Soberlink?

A Soberlink device is a portable professional-grade breathalyzer with wireless connectivity that uses state-of-the-art technology. Built-in safeguards include facial recognition software to ensure that only the person to be tested can use the device. Other tamper-proof features also ensure a reliable and accurate process.

Realtime reporting to designated monitoring parties, such as spouses, friends, law enforcement, or others that you determine, means that a person who is flagged for failing a test can be followed up with immediately.

Soberlink supports accountability for sobriety through a comprehensive alcohol monitoring system. Combining a professional-grade breathalyzer with wireless connectivity, portable design, and state-of-the-art technology includes facial recognition, tamper detection, and real-time reporting.

Sober Monitoring

Sober monitoring is best with tools to consumption of individuals during their recovery journey. This includes any type of device or testing that keeps records of the amount of substance in a person’s system. 

Support Systems

When you're dealing with an addiction, your support system is very important. You need to have people you can talk to and trust about your issues.

Round-The-Clock Support

We make sure that our client's are provided with round-the-clock support in every department.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Evidence-based treatment is one that relies on scientific data and medical knowledge to provide support for a specific treatment or procedure.

Family Therapy & Couples Counseling

Family therapy and couples counseling offer the opportunity for individuals and families to receive one-on-one help.

Fitness Center

Recreational activities like a fitness center is important in an individuals lifestyle. Working out can help the individual get their mind off things.

Prepared Meals

When you are able to make healthy choices and enjoy a good meal, you'll find that you are happier, healthier, and even have more energy than ever before.

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How does Soberlink help Pure Recovery residents?

The Soberlink monitoring system is a voluntary program available to Pure residents who feel it will enhance their recovery and increase their chances of long-term success in their road to sobriety.

Clients can choose to bring a Soberlink breathalyzer along on long days outside the sober living home, or on family visits. Clients can consult with their case managers to determine whether the Soberlink monitor is the right choice. With a tamper-proof design and total wireless connectivity, the Soberlink breathalyzer gives our residents higher accountability. Residents are free to work, travel, and visit their families without having to return to our sober living home for on-site breathalyzer tests.

Soberlink’s real-time reminders and alerts keep clients continuously connected to their recovery support system, while the integrated facial recognition software ensures accurate reporting. With its unique tamper-proof design and proprietary Sobersky software, the Soberlink breathalyzer gives Pure residents more freedom, while giving their families and loved ones peace of mind.